Privacy Policy

In order to act on your behalf, we will need to receive and process information about you which is client data for the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation.

All client data is held on the basis that it is confidential and we will make no disclosure of it to third parties unless we have your instructions to do so or unless disclosure is compulsory by law.  We do not use client data for marketing purposes.

Data is retained and processed for the following reasons:

  1. Consent – You have by your instructions agreed for us to receive your personal data and to process it for the specific purposes for which we have been instructed to act.
  2. Contract – The process is necessary to perform the contracts for services which we have entered into with you or because of arrangements which we have to make before entering into a contract, for example checking for conflict of interest.
  3. Legal Obligations – These include performing our professional duties imposed by the Code of Conduct for Solicitors and the Money Laundering Regulations.
  4. Legitimate Interest – The processing and retention of data which is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the client and of this firm.

Retention of Data – All closed files are retained for periods appropriate to the type of work concerned and the nature of the case, after which the files are destroyed and the data is deleted.

Disclosure and Return of Data – You may at any time ask to know what information we hold on your behalf. You may collect open or closed files on payment of any outstanding charges by making a written request.  We reserve the right to keep copies of any files so collected for the period required to protect legitimate interests and to comply with our legal obligations.